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posted 7/06/2005 08:16:00 AM

Here's an update.

SDP is still on for the 23rd of July. That's a Saturday. Anyone who reads this is invited.

There will, of course, be a plunge pond, and it will be filled with ice cold water. Same place as last year so you can jump in from the retaining wall on the side of my house. There will also be a slip 'n slide, in a slightly different spot, and padded this year so that fewer injuries result. Various other water-related items will be present as well. Inside, there will be a ping pong table in the basement for those interested, and possibly a bar, depending on how quickly my dad and I can build it. Probably have a spud gun outfitted as a water cannon too (big time fun).

Grilled meat will be the main course, supported by side dishes galore. There will be fruit, some spiked, some not, and some homemade vanilla icecream.

I should have 4 taps mounted by then, and the tentative lineup is: Hop Harvest Ale, St. Chucks Porter, Miller Lite, Whiskey and Diet Coke. Along with the draughts, there will be a variety of other drinks in can, bottle, and jug form.

Anyone have any suggestions? Anythign that I may have left out?

bigD said...

Are we supposed to bring anything besides ourselves?

bigD said...

Asslow, dibs on a bed for Angie ona count of she's pregnant.

Bean said...

Okay. No need to bring anything besides yourself and a pair of trunks unless there is a specific type of drink you think I wont have.

Anonymous said...

The Tennis family will be bringing snacky food items and an assortment of food oddities collected over the years for Iron Bartender and "%NAME%, don't eat it"

bigD said...

Oh yeah, iron bartender, forgot about that. I assume we're doing that. Is nick coming?

Nick said...

Nope, can't make it. I'll be up in Canada. Have fun

Bean said...

Oh yeah! Iron Bartender, Season 2