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2005 Post Game Show
posted 7/26/2005 08:56:00 AM

Well, I was too busy being a *good host to take many pictures. So here's what I have.
Any other ducks out there who took a few pictures: please email them to me at benschy@gmail.com so I can put together a proper photo album.

The party went well! There was a good turnout, and the bar my dad and I built in the last 2 weeks was a tremendous hit, and got much use. The ri-god-damn-diculous heat and the presence of a semi-finished, cool basement with a bar and a beerpong table in it kept most people from spending much time outside. The plunge pond wasn't as cold as last year, but it was still darn cold. The slip 'n slide was better than last year because there weren't as many rocks under it and the first half of it was padded. And the water cannon was good, clean fun (except when I shot my cousins kid Jacob and made him cry). The food was in the proper amount, as we didn't run out and didn't have many leftovers. The drinks were plentiful (4 beers on tap, semi-stocked bar, jello whatnots, etc) and many people imbibed. All in all, good tims had by everyone attending!

*Things a good host does: take nap, slit wrist, eat all the cheese puffs.

bigD said...

was definitely BANG! Glad we came. Probably good that we left that night though.

We got some pitchers, but they are in old school format, we hope to have them available for viewing at strawbenfest 2k5.